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One of the most popular services we offer is the opportunity to invite us to your home or business and do the thorough assessment of your property. This is a FREE service we offer to all our valued clients as locksmiths based in Perth and more specifically midland. Free it may be, but let’s get real, one of the deterrents to many people resolving the 17 points checklist for home security or 19 point audit for business security before we even cross the threshold is concerns about cost.

Acknowledging of course that there is a cost with the majority of measures we explore (and these can be accessed in either the home security or business security eBooks you can get your hands on by clicking the images below, some of them require very little expense, and it is worth pointing out the following FACTS that may put the above in context:

  1. You are investing in that “sleep at night” factor and knowing that your most valuable business assets and your property safer. I know that may seem obvious but it is the truth
  2. Installing security measures such as alarms, additional locks and deadlocks and lockable bolts on your windows will mean you pay less on your home or business insurance policies so you will save money.
  3. According to the majority of real estate articles we have sourced, many of the items described will not only add value to your business or home (meaning increase equity in your home) but also will impact positively on attractiveness to prospective buyers should you decide to sell.
  4. As technology has improved and demand for these products has increased, the price of many security measures has dramatically dropped in recent years. This is so much so, that in our experience items like access control systems and CCTV are at least half the cost that clients were expecting.


So yes, there is a cost involved, however the net result of the above, added to the peace of mind that having these measures in place, means that for many people just like you, their security systems may be viewed as an asset rather than a cost.

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The C and C Locksmiths Team

Midland, Perth

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