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Social media has been a life-changer in many ways, and most of them positive. The ability to share parts of your world, experiences among others is, for many, enjoyable and gives us a chance keep in touch easily with what others in our social circle are doing.

Of course, part of this sharing is about where we are and what we are doing at any giving time on any given day (or even for a few days)

Obviously, we offer locksmith services in Perth and in our work we often see and hear things in providing these services that we feel those who know us should know about as most of our work with our valued customers is aimed at prevention.

This short article aims to just give you the heads up on FOUR key things to action that may mean you are less likely to put your home’s security at risk!


  1. Check your privacy settings

Limit your statuses and updates to your family, friends, followers instead of being public. This will make it more difficult for a potential intruder to know when it is good time to access an empty home. This is the #1 action we suggest you take.


  1. Limit location information

Many social media channels have features which can reveal your location. IF Whether you’re checking-in at a restaurant or the cinema, this can be dangerous and gain can broadcast when you are away and potentially how long for.


  1. Take care when pre-warning the world about your holiday plans

Exciting plans to go away with dates may be of massive interest to those who will be delighted to hear that your house may be empty during a set period of time. Although action 1 should limit the danger of this, some reference to your house NOT been empty e,g “thanks to Bob for house-sitting” may be enough of a deterrent


  1. We have expensive stuff!!

Or in other words ..”we have a house worth robbing”. Much as though it is tempting again to be excited about sharing details about your valuable personal items.it does suggest that you may be worth an unwelcome visit!


As we suggested before a little caution AND making sure your privacy setting are in order should keep social media invited home security risk relatively low.

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These actions in combination with a good home security set up which we can help you with (get your free home security ebook here), means you can have that living life while making sure you don’t come back to a nightmare, peace of mind that is possible by having the right things in place and taking appropriate actions.


Be safe!


The C and C Locksmiths team

Midland, Perth



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