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Note: Score lower if equipment in any area is dated, does not function well or may be removed with ease.

Area 1 - Entrances concealed

Is there a clear view of front and back entrances which prevents potential intruders acting unseen (not applicable if ALL entrances covered with CCTV)

Area 2 - External lighting

Don you have exterior lighting in place with movement sensors near all entrances and pathways to entrances

Area 3 - Alarm System

Do you have an alarm system with a visible notification that the house has an alarm

Area 4 - Lockable door on the garage (roller door or pulldown)

Lockable garage doors prevent access not only to your car and tools but another potential entry into your home

Area 5 - Deadlocks on all external doors

Obvious quality of locks not only act as a visible deterrent but act as a more effective physical barrier to entry,

Area 6 - Window locks

All windows have locks that are in good working and potentially allow partial opening locking

Area 7 - Security doors and screens on windows

Security screens offer an extra security barrier and again may make it less likely for your property to be subject to intrusion.

Area 8 - Signage stating how property is protected

Any signs relating to “alarm”, “beware of the dog”, “CCTV monitoring” are likely to reduce likelihood of intruders

Area 9 - CCTV and monitoring (score 0 if not in place, 10 if in place and inbetween if older unit dependent on condition or incomplete coverage)

CCTV may be one of the ultimate deterrents to potential intruders and assist in the identification of intruders which may either assist in finding criminals and retrieval of stolen property.